Apple’s approch for foldable phones is showing a clear evidence that they are joining the new trends of foldable phone as we know Samsung already released few.

Apple’s new patent for foldable iphone was first spotted by Apple Insider at July 7 which titled “Foldable electronic device with exposed display region”. It’s a complete new design for a mobile device with flexible display that folds with one side display open even the device is closed.

Moreover, The patent application cocept totally new things for display of it’s mobile device that can repair itself without user have to manually intervene. It this self-healing feature could active automatically! We don’t know the actual output yet. But, Hope some leaks may release soon.

Apple’s competitors like Samesung, Motorola already producing different styles of foldable phones, But Apple looking something so different concept like Self-Healing feature. That can change the concept of foldable phone ever.

The Self-Healing technology already been seen before in LG’s G Flex in 2013. It had a rear cover with Self-Healing feature of common damage such as knife scratch. It was not that perfect though, Apple may do something better as we know how good they are!

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