In new iPad Air had a big issue of Touch ID Implimentation. The narrow aspect ratio of the sensor in iPad Air made it quite challenging to implement. However, “hardcore silicon and engineering” solved it and ensuring that the sensor works as the same level of security offered in previous iPad versions.

According to Ternus, “It has to be incredibly sensitive and it also has to capture as you go through the enrollment process and then as it continues to adapt over time, a broader view of the fingerprints. So no matter how you touch it with your finger, it’s got that particular portion captured and so it can do the match.”

However, User will understand only the feature of the device not the algorithm work and hadcore silicon. Because, End of the day user experience matter not behind the technology. Hope this new features will be helpful for regular iPad fans.

The A12Z Bionic processor also will increase the power of new iPad Air which inspired from iPad Air Pro line. And hope we will get more details on coming October 13, Apple event.

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